Farrah Abraham Wrote a 5-Star Review for Her Own Store

Farrah Abraham, the woman who once thought being a feminist means being a lesbian, recently committed yet another major fail when she wrote five-star review for her own business and tried to pass it off as anonymous praise from a happy customer.

PressRoomVIP reports:

A few days ago, someone was looking at the reviews for Froco, Farrah’s Lakeaway, TX based yogurt shop, and noticed something odd—a review from Farrah, praising her own brand and her business acumen. In the review she refers to herself in the third person, which can only lead me to believe that she meant to post the review anonymously, but forgot to log out of her personal Google account or that someone posted it, pretending to be the star.

Read the entire cringe-worthy review over at PressRoomVIP…