R. Kelly, Marie Osmond Will Not Be Performing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Donald Trump Blasts CNN and BuzzFeed
Donald Trump doesn't mince words.

R. Kelly and Marie Osmond are the two latest artists that have denied rumors alleging that they will be performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Kelly and Osmond join the list of other singers, which includes Andrea Bocelli, Céline Dion, and Elton John,  who will definitely not be performing at the PEOTUS’s inaugural ceremony on Jan. 20, 2017. Kelly tweeted out the following image in a Twitter post that stated: “End.Of.Story.”

Osmond addressed rumors claiming that she would be performing at the inauguration on Twitter as well. Earlier in the week during an interview with Yahoo! Finance, Osmond said that she had not been asked to perform at the ceremony. When she was asked if she would if the opportunity arose, Osmond responded, “I don’t get political, but this is what I do know: I have such a diverse family. I have eight of the most unique children ever. They all respect each others’ different beliefs … but I think when it comes to our country, we need to unite, and to not support our president I think is wrong.”

Her follow-up response on Twitter regarding her involvement in the inauguration ceremony read, “Many of you have seen various stories saying that I volunteered or that I am performing at the inauguration. So let me be clear! I had no intention of performing at this inauguration, no matter who won!”

She continued, “I try to stay out of politics. I’m an entertainer. My interview statement simply tried to be nice and promote a message of love, not hate.”

Read her statement in its entirety in the tweet below.