Six More Suspects Charged in Kim Kardashian Robbery Case, One of Whom Possessed an AK-47

Six more charges have been made in Kim Kardashian’s armed robbery case from Paris Fashion Week.

TMZ reports that six suspects are facing charges from French authorities, one of whom was charged with the possession of an AK-47. One suspect, who has been identified as Harminy, is 29 while the other suspects range in age from 54-72. They have been charged with counts of being involved in an organized gang, kidnapping, and criminal association. Other charges include acquiring and possessing ammunition, and impersonating and holding false administrative documents.

Christiane G, a 70-year-old suspect, has been charged with “being head of complicity of robbery with weapon in an organized gang, complicity of abduction and sequestration, and possession of ammunition.” He’s the one who was also charged with possessing an AK-47.

On Thursday (Jan. 12, 2017), the first round of similar charges was issued against four men, who are being kept in police custody for the time being. Kardashian made her first public appearance abroad since the robbery on the same day at makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s master class in Dubai. Read about everything that happened during the class here.