Did Lindsay Lohan Convert to Islam?

Lindsay Lohan caused the internet to scratch their heads in confusion when she wiped all of her photos from her Instagram account and updated her bio to read “Alaikum salam.”

“Alaikum salam” is an Arabic phrase that means “Peace be unto you” and is traditionally used among Muslim people as a greeting in both social and religious contexts. Following this change in her profile, Yahoo! shared a story via the International Business Times that alleged that Lohan had converted to Islam. “It’s also worth noting that she previously shared with her fans that she’s excited for the next chapter in her life,” read the report.

However, a representative for Lohan told Gossip Cop that the rumors are not true. “She has not converted [to Islam],” they said. Lindsay’s mother Dina added that her daughter is taking a break from social media.

Lindsay recently invited President-elect Donald Trump to tour Istanbul and Turkey with her to help him understand the Syrian refugee crisis from her point of view. “@realDonaldTrump please let me help you. #theworldisbiggerthan5 come to Istanbul and Syria with me. You can see it first hand,” she wrote in a tweet to the PEOTUS.