Barack Obama’s Final Farewell Speech Will Hit You Right in the Feels

It’s the end of an era. Former president Barack Obama delivered his farewell speech following the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.

After leaving the transition of power ceremony with wife Michelle Obama, the 44th President of the United States addressed a crowd gathered at Joint Base Andrews on Friday (Jan. 20, 2017), thanking supporters for the last eight years.

“Michelle and I, we’ve really been milking this goodbye thing,” he joked. “So it behooves me to be very brief.”

“Throughout this process, Michelle and I, we’ve just been your frontmen and women,” he said. “We’ve just been your face and voice. But this has not been about us. It has always been about you. And all the amazing things that have happened in the last ten years have all just been about you.”

Echoing the sentiments found in his final open letter as president, Obama urged citizens to become more active in politics and help create change in the face of injustice.

“This isn’t a period, it’s a comma, in the continuing story that is America,” he told the audience. “This has been the privilege of my life, and I know I speak for Michelle as well … I can’t wait to see what you do next, and I promise I’ll be right there with you. Yes we did. Yes we can.”

Obama’s statement followed his farewell speech in Chicago on Jan. 10 and the former First Lady’s final address on Jan. 6.

The couple and their children will now enjoy a (much deserved) family vacation in Palm Springs, Calif. As previously reported, the Obamas plan to stay in Washington D.C. so Sasha Obama could finish her high school education uninterrupted.