There’s a College Course Dedicated to Learning About Kanye West

Washington University is now offering a course all about Kanye West.

Taught by associate professor Dr. Jeffrey McCune, who is also a member of the St. Louis institution’s African and African-American Studies and the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies departments, the class will run for 14 weeks. Right now, there are reportedly 75 students registered for the course, with many more signed up on the waiting list.

PressRoomVIP reports:

In McCune’s syllabus, topics like, “Who is Kanye West and Why Is He in the Flashing Lights?,” “Father Stretch My Hands, or How Hip-Hop Takes Us to Church,” and “Love Lock Down, or Hip-Hop’s Queer Love Languages” will be discussed. He says that he also created the course to appease his students who have shown a love for Kanye over the years.

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