The Face Michelle Obama Made When Melania Trump Gave Her a Parting Gift Was EVERYTHING

The Trumps are moving into the White House today, and Inauguration Day started off on an awkward note when Melania Trump brought along a massive parting gift for the Obamas for their first photo op together.

When Barack Obama and Michelle Obama greeted Donald Trump and his wife for their coffee date before the swearing-in ceremony, the Melania handed the departing First Lady what looked to be a large Tiffany & Co. gift box — you can’t miss that signature blue — and everyone basically struggled with deciding what to do with it.

Should they hold it as they pose photographers? Should hide it behind their backs? It was a awkward back-and-forth, and the face Michelle made during the whole thing was GLORIOUS.

While some did think it was a nice gesture on the part of the incoming First Family, many felt Michelle’s face expressed how a lot of Americans were feeling on Inauguration Day. Needless to say, the exchange quickly became a new meme.

We feel that struggle, girl.