Here’s How Much Weight Blac Chyna Has Lost Since Giving Birth to Dream Kardashian

Blac Chyna is on her way to her goal weight.

The mom-of-two took to Snapchat over the weekend to reveal exactly how much weight she’s lost since giving birth to Rob Kardashian’s daughter, Dream, in November. In a short video, Chyna announced she’s dropped 34 pounds after welcoming her baby girl, captioning the clip, “From 192.2 to 158.2.”

According to Chyna, she plans to get back to 130 pounds, which was what she weighed prior to becoming pregnant with her second child.

Last year, the 28-year-old sparked plastic surgery rumors after she was spotted with a completely flat stomach just nine days after giving birth to Dream. At the time, Chyna claimed she was snapping back into shape quickly due to breastfeeding.

“So I posted a picture of my belly yesterday and the only reason it got that flat, you guys, is from breastfeeding and breast pumping and from my body already being small before my pregnancy,” she said on Snapchat. “If you are pregnant right now, I would highly recommend breastfeeding and breast pumping because it’ll get your weight back down fast.”