Chris Brown Makes Racist Remark About Aziz Ansari After Being Compared to Donald Trump

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Chris Brown is fighting criticism the best way he know how: through name-calling.

After Aziz Ansari remarked that President Donald Trump is “basically the Chris Brown of politics” during his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live this weekend, the “Loyal” singer fired back at the comedian.

“I can’t f*cking catch a break,” Brown first said in a now-deleted Instagram video. “This n***a said, ‘Donald Trump is the Chris Brown of politics.’ I swear I’m gettin’ the f*ck outta here. Don’t f*ckin’ trust what you see. Even salt look like sugar.”

If those words weren’t heated enough, Brown then referred to Ansari as “Aladdin,” presumably attempting to call out the Master of None actor for his racial background. Needless to say, the remark was pretty tasteless considering Ansari is not from the Middle East, where Aladdin supposedly lives.

“F*CK NO!!!!!! Somebody tell ALADDIN HOP OFF MY D*CK!” he captioned an Instagram clip of Ansari’s monologue. 

For the record: Ansari was born in South Carolina. His parents are from Tamil Nadu, India. Aladdin is a Disney character who hails from the fictional city of Agrabah, which is said to be close to the Jordan River. The Jordan River is nowhere near India. Chris Brown is terrible with geography.

Watch Ansari’s full monologue — below.