Erin Andrews Was Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and Didn’t Miss a Single NFL Game

In an interview with MMQB, sideline reporter Erin Andrews reveals that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer last September and underwent surgical procedures to fight it without missing a single NFL game.

Andrews received a call from doctors about follow-up tests that were ordered after her routine checkup in June. She stepped out of the meeting that she was attending at the Giants’ team facility to take the call only to learn that the test results showed that she had cervical cancer.

“When you hear the word cancer, you fear the worst,” her father tells MMQB. “When it’s your child, you think to yourself, you think to God: Take me, not her. She has been through enough. She is just getting her life back.”

Andrews didn’t tell anyone about her diagnosis and continued to work through that weekend, only missing two tapings of Dancing with the Stars to work through the news. ABC stated that she missed the two episodes because she was taking time off to grieve with her then-boyfriend, now fiancé Jarret Stoll, whose 17-year-old nephew had been killed in a car accident that weekend, which was true.

Andrews underwent surgery on Oct. 11, and before she was wheeled into the operating room, she told her oncologist, “I’m not watching any football games at home. This is [Fox’s] Super Bowl year, and I’m not missing the Super Bowl.”

The Dancing with the Stars host flew out to Green Bay on Thursday and filmed a feature with Jordy Nelson on Friday morning. “Should I have been standing for a full game five days after surgery? Let’s just say the doctor didn’t recommend that,” Andrews says. “But just as I felt during my trial, sports were my escape. I needed to be with my crew.”

It was only when Andrews began retreating to lie down rather than squeeze in a workout during her breaks that her crew began noticing that all was not well. She brushed it off at first but informed her team about her cancer and the surgery soon thereafter. They were concerned about her well-being following her civil trial that she brought against Michael David Barrett, a stalker who filmed her in her Nashville hotel room in 2008. Barret was sentenced to 30 months in prison in 2010. Later, Andrews sued him and the hotel management company and settled the case for an undisclosed amount in April.

“After the trial everyone kept telling me, ‘You’re so strong, for going through all of this, for holding down a job in football, for being the only woman on the crew,’” Andrews says. “Finally I got to the point where I believed it too. ‘Hey, I have cancer, but dammit, I am strong, and I can do this.’”

After one more procedure on Nov. 1, Andrews was officially declared cancer-free without having to undergo any chemotherapy or other treatment.

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