Melania Trump’s Sad Face Is the Meme We Didn’t Know We Needed

Apparently, Michelle Obama’s side-eye wasn’t the only meme to have come out of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Days after the former reality star was sworn into office, a video of his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, looking sad during the ceremony has taken the internet by storm. Originally tweeted out by [email protected]_Vien without comment, the short clip shows the FLOTUS beaming when she talks to her husband before her face drops to a sullen expression after he turns his back to her.

The GIF follows many people’s concerns that Melania “doesn’t seem happy at all” when she’s with her husband. Some argue that she seems distance towards to POTUS in comparison to the chemistry the Obamas share as a couple. 

In turn, many ran with the idea and created memes about Melania’s alleged gloominess.

Currently, Melania’s first and only tweet as First Lady stated that she’s “deeply honored” to take on the role. The word’s still out what the POTUS thinks of all of this.