Shia LaBeouf Shuts Down a White Supremacist with Just Five Words

If you haven’t heard by now, Shia LaBeouf is currently in the middle of yet another performance art piece. So when a troll tried to disrupt his creative process, the former Transformers star clapped back in the most epic way possible: by using his voice.

Titled “He Will Not Divide Us,” LaBeouf’s latest art project encourages passersby to repeat the mantra in front of a camera located outside New York’s Museum of the Moving Image, where a livestream will be broadcasted 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for the next four years so as long as President Donald Trump remains in the White House.

Due to the project’s open access and participatory nature, it recently became a target for an alleged white supremacist, who tried to hijack the feed. Wearing what looked to be a grey hat in the style of those worn by German forces in World War II, the disruptor attempted to stand in front of the camera and spread his own message. Not ever one to back down, LaBeouf proceeded to aggressively yell at the man — without breaking the chant, of course — down until he fled the scene.

Needless to say, the whole thing was pretty intense.

The incident followed other attempts from Trump supporters to take over the feed, including the time a man made his way to the front of the gathered crowd and proclaimed, “Make America great again. All hail Donald Trump.”

Aside from LaBeouf, actor Jaden Smith also participated in the project. After kick-starting it in person last week, he later reappeared on FaceTime, chanting, “He will not divide us.”