Tim Daly Breaks Both Legs While Skiing at Sundance Film Festival

Madame Secretary actor Tim Daly broke both of his legs Sundance Film Festival when he was involved in a skiing accident.

Deadline states that Daly’s critical injury is not expected to impact his work on the CBS series and that he’ll still appear in all of the episodes in which he is scheduled for the third season. “The show’s production also won’t be impacted beyond the standard tweaks required to accommodate the actor while he is in a cast,” reads the report, citing routine accommodations that are made in a character’s storyline when an actress is pregnant as a similar example. Writers could also work around Daly’s injury by writing it into the story, otherwise, Dr. Henry McCord will have to perform all of his scenes sitting at desks. Here’s to hoping that there weren’t any swimming sequences planned for the remainder of the season.

Daly stars opposite Téa Leoni in Madame Secretary. Leoni and Daly are also a couple in real life. They began dating in December 2014, just after Leoni filed for divorce from her husband of 17 years David Duchovny.