Here’s What Kellyanne Conway Thinks of Those Memes About Her Inauguration Day Outfit

When Kellyanne Conway wore a $3,600 red, white and blue Gucci coat to Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, it created a frenzy on the internet and sparked hundreds of memes about the patriotic garb. So, what does the former campaign manager think now that it’s become a viral sensation — or joke, depending how you want to look at it — around the world?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 50-year-old defends the look, saying that she’s “sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America with a little color.”

She also takes aim at “the public cesspool that is Twitter” and liberal media, claiming that many of the opposition are actually very solicitous in private. Calling out one publication in particular, Conway says, “The Huffington Post constantly slams me, but Howard Fineman [HuffPo’s lead political reporter] calls to check on how I’m doing figuring out Washington schools.”

“I am just trying to stand up to the cacophony, sameness and myopia of the media world,” she explains of her attitude.

Conway also isn’t going to stop appearing on TV any time soon. Though she was — and still is — dragged by the public for her “alternative facts” remark, the trusted advisor to the POTUS says she’s always ready to step in front of the camera, “taking many other people’s TV time.”

“I can put my shoes and panty hose back on and go on any show at any time,” she says, noting the recent social media campaign for programs to boycott of her as a guest. “If you see me on TV, it’s because [Trump] wants me there.”