Nicki Minaj and Drake Spark Romance Rumors Following Meek Mill Breakup

Are Nicki Minaj and Drake finally coming back together now that Minaj and Meek Mill have called it quits?

Drake’s constant feuding with Minaj’s ex-boyfriend put a damper on their friendship, but it seems that they’re on the road to rekindling their connection now that Mill is out of the picture.

PressRoomVIP reports:

“Nicki and Drake posted a photo together early Wednesday morning and we don’t have a doubt in our minds they are in good standing. Young Money insiders told the media that Drake saw a segment with Lil Wayne and Nicki and immediately called Mack Maine asking, ‘Why didn’t you tell me the family is back?’ He then allegedly flew to Miami to meet with the two to discuss the label and their future plans. Everything is right with the world again.”

See their photo together over on PressRoomVIP…