Apparently, Prince Harry Is ‘Not a Fan’ of President Donald Trump

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Prince Harry may have had a good time with the Obamas when they visited England last year, but don’t expect him to welcome President Donald Trump with open arms.

Us Weekly is reporting that the 34-year-old “is not a fan” of the former reality star. A close sources claims the British royal and his brother, Prince William, have privately expressed concerns about the new commander-in-chief, saying, “Harry thinks the president is a serious threat to human rights.”

Another insider adds that Harry have “often been vocal” about his feelings towards the POTUS within his social circle.

Trump and his wife Melania are slated to visit London this summer as guests of Queen Elizabeth II. Though Kensington Palace has not confirmed which royal will attend these engagements, it is expected that William and Kate Middleton will likely make an appearance.

In 2012, when topless photos of Duchess of Cambridge were illegally published in a French tabloid, Trump faulted the mother-of-two for sunbathing without a top insider a private residence. “Kate Middleton is great–but she shouldn’t be sunbathing in the nude–only herself to blame,” he tweeted at the time. “Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!”

So far, more than 1.8 million people have signed a petition to rescind Trump’s invitation.