This Is the Book That You Need if You Want to Participate in Kim Kardashian’s Book Club

Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian, and Jen Atkin invited all of us to join in their book club, but you need to get the book first in order to participate.

If you haven’t been following Kim’s social media musings as of late, she’s been fascinated with Betty J. Eadie’s book Embraced By the Light, which tells the story of one woman’s near-death experience — a likely mental association driven by Kim’s traumatic run-in with armed robbers last year at Paris Fashion Week. On Wednesday night (Feb. 1, 2017), Kim made her relationship with the book to the next level by making it the first official reading selection in her newly minted book club.

According to Kim, the book club will officially begin on Monday (Feb. 6, 2017) and it will be an “actual thing” on her website and app. La La Anthony and Kourtney Kardashian are members as well, so what are you waiting for? Get it here and join in: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to