A ‘Girls’ Movie Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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With the premiere of Girls‘ the sixth and final season just around the corner, creator and star Lena Dunham revealed she already has plans to turn her HBO show into a feature length film.

“We’re doing the movie,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in the latest issue. “I’d just want to leave enough space so that we are finding them in a super different place than we left them. But if HBO paid for two Sex and the City ones, they’d better pay for one of ours.”

Showrunner Jenni Konner further expanded on the idea of a spinoff film during a New York screening of Season 6 on Thursday (Feb. 2, 2017), telling Vanity Fair, “We don’t know what the movie is, but yes, we’d love to do the Girls movie.”

“We wanna know who they become,” Dunham shared. “We’re not ready to say goodbye to it.”

For now, the time of Girls is coming to an end. The final season of the show premieres Sunday, Feb. 12 at 10/9c.