Kanye West Deletes All Messages of Support for Donald Trump from His Twitter Account

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Forget fake news. Fake cake is where it's at.

Kanye West has demoted his relationship with President Donald Trump below its current standing as “just friends” by revoking his support for the POTUS on social media.

TMZ reports that West scrubbed his Twitter timeline clean of the pro-Trump tweets that he posted after their highly publicized meeting in New York back in December. West is reportedly displeased with the actions that Trump has taken since Inauguration Day, including his travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries.

West tweeted about his in-person discussion with Trump in which they covered “multicultural issues” like “bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago.”

CREDIT: Twitter/Kanye West

West and his wife Kim Kardashian have issued opposing views on President Trump via social media. Most recently, Kardashian shared a table of statistics that compared the annual amount of Americans killed by Islamic jihadist immigrants to other causes of death, including falling out of bed and being shot by another American.

The list of West’s deleted tweets includes his vow to run for office in 2024, so our endorsement automatically transfers to the Lady Gaga-Beyoncé ticket.