The Kylie Jenner vs. Kylie Minogue Trademark Battle Seemingly Reaches a Conclusion

Kylie Minogue and Kylie Jenner’s legal battle over trademarking the name “Kylie” in the United States might have come to an end with reports of a settlement between the two parties.

Jenner filed paperwork with the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2015 in an attempt to register the name “KYLIE” for “advertising service” and “endorsement services.” In February 2016, Minogue and her team filed an opposition arguing that this trademark would cause confusion and “damage” to her brand as a music artist. She called Jenner a “secondary reality television personality” who has drawn ire with “photographic exhibitionism and controversial posts” on social media.

On January 19, Minogue’s team withdrew their opposition, but it’s now been reported by the Daily Mail that the patent office rejected Jenner’s trademark application last week. Jenner’s team has already filed an appeal in an attempt to secure the brand for her fashion and cosmetics lines.

Minogue’s representative’s denied to comment on the status of the case to The Telegraph.

Minogue just recently ended her engagement with her fiancé, 29-year-old British actor Joshua Sasse. Sasse and Minogue had been engaged since February 2016 when they announced their engagement in the Daily Telegraph’s marriages section. They originally stated that they would not marry until same-sex marriage was legalized in Australia.