North West Just Totally Destroyed Her Own Bedroom

Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, proved she’s just as rambunctious as any kid when she decided to repaint her room using a bottle of nail polish.

Kardashian documented the whole incident on her Snapchat, showing mauve-colored lacquer smeared across walls, mirrors, toys, and Nori’s personal vanity.

The reality star said in the clip, “I got downstairs to get something for her brother for two seconds, and she paints her room purple with nail polish.”

However, that wasn’t the only mess the 3-year-old made that day! In another video, Kardashian shared that North had unravelled an entire roll of paper towels as they were cleaning up the spilled varnish.

“Oh, thank you for helping me clean it up now,” Kardashian said sarcastically as an excited North jumped around in a hallway. “This is even more helpful.”

“Don’t step on it!” North said before the video cuts off.

The mother-and-daughter duo were previously having a girl’s day in at their home. In several Snapchat videos shared by Kardashian, North was seen doing her mom’s hair as they played around with brushes and combs.

Too cute!