Here’s a Video of Kim Kardashian Assembling a Tragic Salad in the Sexiest Way Possible

Sorry, Salt Bae. It’s looking like Kim Kardashian is running the disturbing intriguing corner of the food porn industry this week.

Rather than make a boring box cake, Kardashian decided to toss a salad together in celebration of fashion editor Carine Roitfeld fostering one million followers on Instagram.

Set to Lil Wayne’s “A Milli,” Kardashian squeezes lemon on top of a bed of spinach and tomatoes, breaks a whole cucumber in half and adds it to the bowl before pouring dressing all over the mixture. It rains spinach showers while she flips her hair in slow motion. The finished product is a confusing bowl of weird vegetables with a No. 1 candle lit and perched in the middle.

CREDIT: Instagram/Carine Roitfeld

Bon appétit? Watch the video in the player below.

1 million!!!!! Thank you @kimkardashian @benperreira

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