The Weeknd and Selena Gomez Party After the Grammys While Gomez’s Ex Justin Bieber Throws Shade at ‘Starboy’

It seems that Justin Bieber still isn’t a fan of Selena Gomez’s new boyfriend’s music.

In an Instagram Live video hosted on Bieber’s account, someone asks the “Sorry” singer, “What’s your favorite song at the moment?” Bieber pauses before responding, “‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd.” Shortly thereafter, the entire car erupts into laughter.

A few weeks ago, TMZ caught up with Bieber and asked him if he could endure the torture of listening to The Weeknd’s music. He responded, “Hell no I can’t listen to a Weeknd song. That s**t’s whack!”

Despite the shade, Gomez and The Weeknd are getting the last laugh. After the Grammys, they allegedly met up to hang out at Rihanna’s party at 1 OAK on the Sunset Strip even though Gomez didn’t attend the ceremony. Head over to TMZ to see the pics of their separate arrivals.