Mariah Carey’s Best Post-NYE Live Performance Wasn’t on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’—It Was on a Jumbotron

Mariah Carey sprung back from her technical disaster of a New Year’s Eve performance twice on Wednesday night (Feb. 15, 2017).

Formally, Carey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a stunning V-cut red gown to perform her new single “I Don’t” with YG. This was her first musical appearance on live TV since her lip sync snafu during Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve With Ryan Seacrest. You can check it out below, but keep scrolling down if you’d like to see the winningest on-screen appearance from Wednesday of them all.

Carey and her dancer-turned-boyfriend Bryan Tanaka hit up a Los Angeles Clippers game on the same night, and at one point, she was coerced by a Clippers employee into singing her hit “Fantasy” on the stadium’s jumbotron. Though her reputation pegs her as a diva, Carey was a good sport and belted out a few notes while Tanaka chair-danced along. At the end of her short show, she gave a playful wagging point to the woman with the mic — a gesture that turned into an awkward wrist grab. Watch the cute bit in the video below and see more photos of Carey’s date night with Tanaka at the top of the page.