Someone Is Selling the Umbrella Britney Spears Used in Her 2007 Paparazzi Attack

You — yes, you — can own the umbrella Britney Spears used to fight off the paparazzi during her 2007 meltdown.

The photographer on the receiving end of the attack is auctioning off the item on the 10th anniversary of the infamous incident.

As you may recall, the melee unfolded a decade ago when Spears, who was undergoing a custody battle with her then-estranged husband Kevin Federline at the time, had shaved her own head at an Los Angeles salon. After she was mobbed by paparazzi at a local gas station, the singer lashed out and used an umbrella to smash the a photographer’s car.

PressRoomVIP reports that the shutterbug involved in the assault hopes to cash in on the brawl:

It’s not all in bad taste. Daniel Ramos, the paparazzi selling the umbrella, says he’s willing to donate half of the proceeds to a charity of Britney’s choice.

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