Kendall Jenner’s Victoria’s Secret Workout Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Kendall Jenner's Abs Workout
Learn how to get a rock hard stomach like the model!

Though Kendall Jenner sticks to a simple diet, her fitness routine is a different story.

The model, who was spotted in the City of Lights on Wednesday (March 1, 2017) for Paris Fashion Week, recently broke down the exercises she does to get ready for the Victoria’s Secret runway. Enlisting the help of blogger Hannah Bronfman, Jenner shared her complete workout in a video posted on her app.

According to the clip, Jenner’s routine consists of pushing 150 lbs. weights across 100 feet, doing at least 10 Bulgarian split squats on each of her legs, lifting a skull-shaped kettle bell while practicing her sumo squats, and performing 10 to 15 hip raises on a Bosu balance trainer. To top it all off, the 21-year-old apparently repeats this cycle at least three times to really get a sweat going. Whew!

Watch Bronfman take on Jenner’s workout — below.