Selena Gomez Can’t Stop Kissing The Weeknd

Marking her territory?

Selena Gomez flaunted her love for The Weeknd by packing major PDA with her boyfriend at their latest A-list party together. Many fans were quick the suspect that their steamy make-out session was a subtle dig at Weeknd’s ex girlfriend, Bella Hadid, who recently crossed paths with the “Starboy” singer during Paris Fashion Week.

Per TMZ:

Selena Gomez staked her claim on The Weeknd with a serious this-is-MY-bf kiss on his cheek … which we’re sure had nothing to do with you-know-who being in town too.

Selena packed on the PDA Tuesday after his concert in Paris. But the “Starboy” singer was also performing at Wednesday night’s H&M fashion show, where his ex, Bella Hadid, was doing her model thing.

See a photo of Gomez and The Weeknd’s passionate kiss over at TMZ…