Gem Similar to Kim Kardashian’s Stolen Diamond Surfaces in Italy

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It seems like Kim Kardashian stolen $4 million diamond has a twin.

A ring that looks awfully like the one that was taken during the reality star’s Paris robbery last year just surfaced in Italy. Though one of the suspects claimed Kardashian’s gem, which was a gift from Kanye West, was cut up for easy distribution, a similar-looking bauble recently turned up on the market.

TMZ reports:

Look what’s up for sale in Italy … a 22 carat cushion cut diamond ring that looks identical to Kim’s piece.

We’re not saying it’s Kim’s ring — she said hers was only 20 carats — but the point is, maybe Kim’s diamond isn’t the once-in-a-lifetime piece everyone thought it was.

And the more massive look-alikes on the market, the easier it would be for Kim’s diamond to get lost in the shuffle IF someone tried to fence it.

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