Spice Girl Melanie C Defends Louis Tomlinson’s Altercation with a Paparazzo at LAX

Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm (Melanie C) sympathizes with Louis Tomlinson after he was involved in a physical altercation with a paparazzo at LAX on Friday (Mar. 4, 2017).

The former One Direction singer was arriving at the airport with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder when he allegedly pushed the photographer by his legs, which knocked him over and caused him to strike his head on the floor. A female witness tried to film Tomlinson and Calder as they left, which incited a physical altercation between Calder and the female witness. Tomlinson was held under a citizen’s arrest, but his girlfriend escaped any charges.

“The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that occurred with Louis,” Tomlinson’s team told TMZ. “It’s not the first time that a paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity.  While the altercation was going on with the paparazzi, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend during this incident and he came to her defense.”

Cops argue that Tomlinson was the aggressor in the situation. The case has been turned over to the L.A. City Attorney for possible prosecution. Still, TMZ reports that Tomlinson’s immigration status under an entertainer visa is not in jeopardy even if he is convicted because the charge would be for a misdemeanor “simple” battery.

Melanie C sympathized with Tomlinson during a visit to Good Morning Britain on Monday (Mar. 6, 2017) and spoke candidly about how she experienced similar scenarios during her time with the Spice Girls.

“It’s actually, it can be quite traumatic. That sounds a little bit over dramatic but there are times, and I should imagine with Louis and what the boys have been through that, you know, they have been at the height of their success and they are constantly pursued,” she said, adding that the frenzy causes one to have a fight or flight response.

“I know it’s a very long time since I’ve been in that situation but I had one time many years ago, it was like towards the end of my time with the Spice Girls, and I was pursued in a car and I actually ended up hitting another car because you don’t think,” Melanie recalled. “You’re not in a sensible frame of mind you … so I really feel for Louis.”

Watch the clip from Good Morning Britain below.