Khloé Kardashian Wants You to Get a ‘Facial for Your Vagina’

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Here Are Some of Khloé Kardashian's Favorite Sex Toys
Khloé Kardashian is all about having great sex.

Forget steaming your vagina à la Gwyneth Paltrow. Khloé Kardashian has eight simples ways to, in her words, “keep your lady parts happy.”

In a new post shared on her app, Kardashian recommends getting a “vajacial” — or what she describes as a “facial for your vagina … except exfoliation, toning, and a ‘face’ mask” — as a way to pamper your nether regions. “Sometimes you need to show your v-jay some TLC to keep her healthy and happy,” she pens. “Trust me on this one, dolls!”

Kardashian also advises using washes like Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash and Goodwipes Cleansing Wipes for Down There as ways to freshen up. To prevent ingrown hairs, the 32-year-old turns to products like Shaveworks The Cool Fix.

“[It’s] like Aquaphor for your vagina!” Kardashian gushes about Medicine Mama’s V Magic Cream. “It can be used in so many ways. Bonus points for being 100 percent organic.”

As a fitness junkie, Kardashian is all about toning up the vag, too. She suggest picking up a pair of Glass Ben Wa Balls or the Elvie Exercise Tracker to “strengthen and tighten” your hoo-ha.

Fifty Shades of Grey fans know what’s up,” she writes. “Like having a personal trainer for your v-jay.”

If you dare, shop some of her vaginal recommendations — below!