In Honor of National Pancake Day, We’re Resurrecting These Celebrity Pancakes Portraits

Today, Mar. 7, is National Pancake Day, and while IHOP is offering you free pancakes, Celebuzz has some “vintage” celebrity pancake portraits ready for your consumption without the long line.

Back in 2011, a then 25-year old artist named Katharine Kalnes from LaGrange, IL created celebrity portraits using Batter Blaster, a ready-made pancake batter in a can that went out of business in 2012. According to an episode of the PBS web series Inventors, Batter Blaster was “undercapitalized for breaking into some key markets.”

“After a series of issues with a private equity firm left him without a manufacturer, Sean [O’Connor, Batter Blaster’s inventor] had to close Batter Blaster for good,” the video informed.

While we can’t fund the resurrection of Batter Blaster, we can serve you with a reminder that Kalnes’ pancake portraits of Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber are just as fresh as the day we met them.

CREDIT: Katharine Kalnes
CREDIT: Katharine Kalnes

Grab some syrup and butter and launch the gallery at the top of the page to view more celebrity pancake portraits. If you’re a year-round pancake fan, consider buying a few of these kitchen must-haves from Amazon:

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