Did the ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Just Get Hacked?

Well, how bow dah?

It seems Danielle Bregoli, the girl behind the “Cash Me Outside” meme, may have been hacked.

The 13-year-old raised concerns when several mysterious videos surfaced on her Instagram account. A group called “Face Security Group” claimed to have taken over the page, which currently has over 7.5 million followers, and threatened to leak something later this week. Per ZestVIP:

It all started yesterday afternoon when a creepy video was posted to the account and the name on the account itself was changed to “ᵰ⌀ ᶃ⌀ᶑ i ᶏᵯᶂ Ă ᶘ ᶊ ᶓ” If you look closely, it appears to say “No God I am False.”

Watch the videos the hackers put on Bregoli’s Instagram over at ZestVIP…