Here’s Everything Eva Mendes Eats in a Day

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Eva Mendes may have kept her two pregnancies with Ryan Gosling a secret from the public, but the mom-of-two is now opening up about her family.

When it comes to food, Eva Mendes is all about keeping things quick and simple. As a busy parent raising two daughters with beau Ryan Gosling, the actress admits she needs to fuel up whenever she can to keep up with her family.

“I usually start my day with eggs. I think they’re like magic—you can do so much with them. I mostly keep it simple and have scrambled eggs and a piece of Ezekiel toast for breakfast,” she tells Shape.

“”But if somebody brings over muffins or some other kind of delicious treat, I’ll eat that with my coffee instead. It’s a terrible way to begin my day, though,” she continues. “I really regret it later, because I just don’t have as much energy. I find that when I start out with the right source of protein, it definitely helps.”

When noon hits, the 43-year-old, who hasn’t touched red meat in years, always has a meal containing wholesome proteins, grains and veggies. “I grew up eating rice and beans, so I want some kind of grain in every meal,” she says. “For lunch, I usually have salmon and rice or quinoa, and I try to include a salad.”

As for dinner, Mendes reveals that it’s more about spending time with her family than the food itself. “I’ll eat the same thing for dinner. I’m a creature of habit in that way. I don’t get bored with foo. I try to think about it as fuel for my body,” she shares. “But what I am looking forward to is the time when dinner becomes a sit-down situation again. Right now I’m in survival mode with two babies, eating on the go.”

“I never sit down—I’m on the move all day,” the Lost River actress adds. “And I don’t keep junk food at home anymore, because I’m trying to set a good example. So there are no more Krispy Kremes for me to grab.”


Though doughnuts are forbidden in her home, it doesn’t mean she’s ready to give up sugar quite yet.

“Sweets are my thing. It’s ongoing, and I have to manage my sugar cravings constantly,” she confesses.  “The kid in me thinks, I work out, so I can support my sugar habit. I know that’s not a very wise thing to say, but I really do feel like I’m working it off!”

Her guilty pleasure: Cadbury eggs. “The mini ones and the big ones with the filling,” she gushes, adding that she’ll also never say no to her mother’s Cuban cooking.

“My mom makes the best black beans in the world,” she says. “I’ll never stop devouring them.”

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