Charlie Hunnam’s Workout Includes Having a Lot of Sex

Charlie Hunnam may have dropped out of Fifty Shades of Grey, but his real-life workout is certainly something taken out of Christian Grey’s book.

In the latest issue of  Men’s Health, the Sons of Anarchy alum reveals he has sex — and a lots of it — as a way to stay in shape.

“I try to do it all. I also try to make love as often as I can,” he tells the publication. “That’s an important part of fitness. There’s no reason you can’t be active at 70. I want to run up mountains at that age.”

“We are supposed to be very active animals. It’s our DNA. Sweating is how I change my oil every day. I just feel happier, more positive, energized, and disciplined if I work out,” the 36-year-old continues, adding that he exercises everyday because he’s “f*cking crazy.”

“When you’re training every day in a combat discipline, it just gives you that eye of the tiger,” Hunnam says. “Then if someone acts aggressively toward you, I can run all the scenarios through my head — you know, like I’m going to step to the side and put an elbow through your face.”

For his role in upcoming Arthur: Legend of the Sword, the British hunk claims he worked out “like a motherf*cker” to put on 20 pounds of muscle. According to the magazine, Hunnam currently weighs 165 pounds.

Now that’s a lot of sex.