WATCH: A Parade of Carefree Children Invades This BBC Interview

In preparing for his live interview with the BBC, Professor Robert E. Kelly adjusted his camera and his audio levels, but he forgot to lock the door.

Kelly would soon learn that this is what the vlogging youths of the YouTube era would call a “rookie mistake.” His discussion with BBC World News about the ousting of South Korean president Park Geun-hye was off to a good start when, suddenly, his daughter barged into the room and danced her way to the side of his chair.

Following close behind was his infant, who strolled right in while seated in its walker. Kelly did his best to maintain his poker face, but it was the woman who burst through the door to gather the children at the very end of this segment who is the real superhero. Watch the clip all the way to the end to see how she seals her clutch on-screen save:

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