Sean Spicer’s Upside-Down American Flag Pin Causes a Stir on Twitter

Sean Spicer showed up to his White House press briefing on Friday (Mar. 10, 2017) with an upside-down American flag pin, which prompted a lot of questions from Twitter users.

Presidential aide Omarosa Manigault alerted Spicer of the accessory faux pas after he finished his briefing, as did a member of the press. This didn’t change the fact that an upside-down American flag should never be displayed upside down, “except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property,” according to the United States flag code.

Furthermore, an upside-down flag is the logo for the Netflix series House of Cards, which another reporter brought to Spicer’s attention.

House of Cards?” they asked.

“There’s no promo,” Spicer responded.

The official House of Cards Twitter account gave him a shoutout anyway, as did the show’s executive producer, Dana Brunetti.

We turn this over to Melissa McCarthy for further investigation.

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