Here’s the Reason Why Camila Cabello Didn’t Want to Be in Fifth Harmony Anymore

Camila Cabello is ready to break out on her own.

Gracing the cover of Latina magazine’s latest issue, the “Bad Things” singer explains why she chose to leave Fifth Harmony late last year. While she wishes nothing but the best for the rest of the girl group, who will continue on as a quartet, the 20-year-old believes it was simply time for her to move on.

“I started in the group when I was just 15. I needed to follow my heart and my artistic vision,” she shares. “I’m grateful for everything we had in Fifth Harmony and for [this new] opportunity. I am less focused on success and more on doing my best and pursuing my artistic vision to the fullest, wherever that takes me.”

Camila Cabello latina cover
CREDIT: Warwick Saint/Latina

“Here’s my dream life: I want to make songs and have incredible experiences with people. I don’t want to be locked up in a hotel room and just do press and red carpets. That’s not the kind of life I want to live,” she continues. “I want to make music, but I also want to go on road trips with friends. I want to go backpacking around Europe. I want to meet a Spanish boy in Spain and fall in love.”

Whoever Cabello ends up dating,  he will probably have to go through BFF Taylor Swift first. According to the brunette beauty, Swift is her go-to gal pal for all boy-related problems.

“Our friendship has never been about career or anything professional. I tell her about boys and cry to her about boys. She’ll give me advice like, ‘No, do not text him back,'” she reveals. “I feel like we have something really cool where we can just be honest with each other, and we can just be girls, talking about stupid crushes. It’s the best.”