Sandra Bullock’s Ex-Husband Says Cheating on a Significant Other Is Just ‘A Part of Life’

Jesse James reflects on the time that he cheated on Sandra Bullock while they were still married in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail.

James, the West Coast Choppers founder who now runs a manufacturing business and a National Rifle Association clothing range, is content now that he is “happily remarried” to his fourth wife Alexis DeJoria, who is a drag racer and a Paul Mitchell/Patron Spirits heiress. According to the Daily Mail’s report, James does not have contact with Bullock or her adopted son Louis, but he is a luxury weapon for President Donald Trump as a gift. So there’s that.

Bullock and James were married in 2005 after they met during a tour of the Monster Garage set, but their marriage ended in 2010 after he cheated on her with model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee. He still stands behind this decision today.

“Yeah, I did cheat on my wife, yeah, I stood up and took accountability for it and apologized. And that’s end of story. Everything else was just…” he says trailing off and shaking his head.

James says that his infidelity is the main point of criticism from people on social media.

‘The easy [put down] is like, oh well you cheated on Sandra Bullock. That’s the world’s easiest comeback,” says James. “In general, both women and men cheat. It’s part of life.”

He asserts that the public enjoys reminding him of this incident because they “love to see you fall.”

“And the farther you get, the higher you get, the more they love it,” he adds.

“I look at myself now and I look at how I was feeling then, and I think I was completely overreacting as far as letting it really get to me.’I think it was having 50 or 60 or paparazzi outside my house for five or six months… That was not a good feeling. I’m a fighter man, I come from the tradition of – if you do something I don’t like, I’m going to punch you.”

He rationalizes that the end of their marriage helped him “focus on being a dad more, it helped me focus on doing the right thing and being myself, and getting out of LA and getting a better life for my kids.”

Meanwhile, Bullock is seemingly very happy with her current partner, photographer Bryan Randall. She’s also received praise from Anne Hathaway for making the Ocean’s Eight set kid-friendly.

“I only have one experience (of resources available to mums in Hollywood) so far, and it’s a movie that stars eight women, four of whom are mothers – which is definitely not the norm,” Hathaway told Motto magazine. “On Ocean’s Eight, kids were welcome on the set. (Before we started) I got an email from Sandra Bullock saying, ‘Hey, listen, we’re going to make this a really welcoming place for kids. I know you’re a brand-new mom, so don’t be afraid to bring your son. We love kids here.’ Change is going to come, but it’s going to take people like her with the power to make change to demand it.”