Chloë Grace Moretz Got an Underboob Tattoo

Chloë Grace Moretz just went under the needle.

According to a Instagram post shared by tattoo artist Dr. Woo, the 20-year-old recently got some words inked on her ribcage just below her breast. Alongside a now-deleted photo of the design, Woo captioned, “Some healed ones on @chloegmoretz.”

The tattoo read, “it gets better than this,” upside down in cursive letters.

CREDIT: Instagram/Dr. Woo

However, this wasn’t Moretz first tat. Last year, got a handful done in one go — including the number 4,419 inked on her to commemorate reaching adulthood.

“It’s the 4,419 miles that I drove cross-country when I turned 18,” she told Allure at the time.”It represents coming of age.”

She added, “I have my grandmother’s signature on my back, along with a rose and a cross; my family’s initials on my thigh; the letters CK on my ankle; a color spectrum on my hip for LGBTQ pride; and the print of my sister’s feet—who passed away when she was, like, two days old—on my ankle.”

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