Justin Bieber Strips Down at Bar to Show Off New Tattoo

Justin Bieber would like you to check out his new tattoo. In fact, he’s so desperate to have you see it that he’s willing to do whatever it takes — including taking his shirt off inside a public bar.

While knocking back shots at a New Zealand watering hole this week, the “Sorry” singer stripped down to flaunt the giant eagle he recently had inked on his torso. According to TMZ, the 23-year-old was more than thrilled to have patrons and staff peep his body art, which now boasts over 50 different designs.

Justin Bieber took a load off … and everyone was all smiles.

The Biebs hit up a bar in New Zealand and for some reason, decided to rip his shirt off before pounding a few back.

Bartender was all in.

See the shirtless photos over at TMZ…