Report: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are Talking Again

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are putting their children first while they move forward with their divorce proceedings.

Two months after the couple hired a private judge to assist in settling their divorce and custody issues, sources tell E! News that things have “settled” between Pitt and Jolie.

“It’s not as tense as it had been,” says the source. “They are focused on the kids and working to do what’s best for them.

The insider explains that Pitt has been working on a sculpture at Thomas Houseago’s studio while Jolie is a visiting professor at the London School of Economics. “Brad has been able to spend more time with the kids,” they say. “He’s doing well and is focused on healthy, clean living. He’s in a good place.”

Ever since the plane incident involving their son Maddox, Pitt and Jolie have only been communicating through lawyers and assistants — a suggestion made by the children’s therapists and their own. But now, “they are only speaking about the kids and their schedules, but it’s a positive step.”

“Brad hopes that they can be successful at co-parenting and get to a place where they can be friendly,” a source close to Pitt. “They both have agreed to put the kids first.”