WATCH: Embarrassing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fail Reveals One Contestant’s Dirty Thoughts

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A contestant on Wheel of Fortune revealed what was really on his mind while he was supposed to be solving a puzzle about classic American literature.

The contestant, Kevin, was left with a board that read, “A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE.” The wheel landed on the $600 title and he guessed…

A ‘K,’ to make his answer A Streetcar Naked Desire. The answer was A Streetcar Named DesireNice.

Host Pat Sajak joked with Kevin before they signing off on the show.

“The nice thing I can tell from meeting you, you’re a nice guy, and I’ll bet you have really nice friends. They’re not going to make any remarks to you, they’re not going to give you any grief at all. Good luck with that,” said Sajak.