Directors Doubted Amber Heard’s Ability to Portray a Straight Female Lead After Confirming Her Bisexuality

Amber Heard spoke openly about her struggle to publicly identify as a bisexual woman in Hollywood at The Economist’s second annual Pride & Prejudice Summit in New York.

Heard, who identifies as bisexual, thinks it’s “funny” when someone discusses her “coming out” because she feels that she was never “in.”

“In part because I was very stubborn, I guess, and also in part because I just didn’t feel it was wrong,” Heard told the audience.

The actress said that she first became aware of how large of an impact her sexuality had on the public’s perception of her when she attended an event in 2010 with her then-girlfriend Tasya van Ree.

“I was always out. I was an activist. I went to protests,” she continued. “I refused to not bring my partner at the time, but no one ever asked me about it. And an outlet specifically asked me who I was there with that night and who that person was to me and I just answered honestly, the way I always answered had there not been a tape recorder on me.”

Heard and van Ree split in 2012 before she went on to start a relationship with Johnny Depp. She says that it was in picking up the pieces of her relationship with van Ree, she realized that she had become attached to a label.

“I never have myself defined by the person I’m with,” said Heard. “I never saw myself defined as one particular thing or not. So, I watched as I quickly became not actress Amber Heard, but out lesbian Amber Heard.”

While the actress said that her decision to be open about her sexuality impacted her career, she continued to live her life honestly even though people told her to do otherwise. Some directors questioned whether she could convincingly play the role of a straight female in a “romantic lead” role, so she sought her revenge by proving them wrong.

“I rolled my eyes at that. And I said, ‘Watch me do it,’” Heard said. “And I did it.”