Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow Guide to Anal Sex

Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to have anal sex. Yes, really!

In fact, the Oscar winner is so passionate about the taboo topic that she’s dedicated an entire story about it in the sex issue of her Goop newsletter. In a Q&A titled “Reality Check: Anal Sex” with expert psychoanalyst — or should we say: psycho-anal-yst — Paul Joannides, the 44-year-old and her team break down the dirty myths of butt sex.

“First it was shocking, then it was having a cultural moment, now it’s practically standard in the modern bedroom repertoire—or so a quick scan of any media, from porn to HBO, will tell you,” the article reads. “If anal turns you on, you are definitely not alone, but its prevalence doesn’t change the fact that it’s the riskiest sexual behavior in terms of HIV and other STDs.”

In another post, the Goop gang stress the importance of women achieving good orgasms, saying, “It’s provocative to consider, for instance, who’s teaching girls be assertive everywhere except in sexual and romantic relationships, to put their partners’ pleasure before their own, to project sexuality rather than feel it: It’s not all the media and other outside forces—some of it has to be us.”

In true Goop fashion, Paltrow also recommends a ton of products for adventurous couples out there to try. In the issue’s accompanying shopping guide, sex toys like the Lelo Tianni 3, Kiiroo Onyx + Pearl and Leaf Bloom Plus are amongst the bedroom must-haves. Erotic experiences like a $2,400 tantric workshop in Amsterdam and $2,500 “orgasmic meditation” retreat in Norther California are also listed, as well as the same pubic hair oil Emma Watson uses for her personal grooming.

See below for more of Paltrow’s picks that “cater to good old-fashioned kink.”