Iggy Azalea Twerks, Appropriates Cultures in ‘Mo Bounce’ Music Video

The (Remarkably Quick) Implosion of Iggy Azalea's Career
How did Iggy Azalea go from the most promising crossover rap star of 2014 to complete laughing stock in under a year?

Iggy Azalea is back — and yes, she’s twerking again.

Despite declaring the dance move to be totally “over” in 2015, the rapper seems perfectly content shaking what her mama gave her in the music video for hew new single, “Mo Bounce.” Director Lil Internet, the visuals have Azalea and her back-up dancers twerking through the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong.

The video also features Azalea seemingly using heavily-tattooed Asians in the same vein as Gwen Stefani’s controversial Harajuku Girls, positioning them behind her — with their hands on their heads and backs turned to the camera — as she raps about dropping beats “like a cholo at the dub show.” (Seriously, we’re not making this stuff up.)

Iggy Azalea asian chinese mo bounce music video

When asked about the music video, the director said everything was approved by the 26-year-old year as “she sat there while I edited the whole thing, basically.”

“I can’t speak for her, obviously, and that needs to be said first and foremost,” Lil Internet told Complex of how the clip may potentially change the public’s perception of Azalea. “I can’t speculate what it’s gonna do, but I’ll tell you one thing: I know that this is her doing what she wants to do and expressing herself in a genuine way with music and a video that she was excited about and wanted to make. To be honest, I think seeing genuine artistry and genuine honesty— if you hate on that, that’s totally ridiculous, because it’s super rare these days. When the art is really genuine like that, there’s nothing to do but respect it.”

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