Jon Gosselin Is a Stripper Now

Jon Gosselin, the dad-of-eight who found fame on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8, has become a male stripper.

The 39-year-old confirmed his new gig to Entertainment Tonight, telling the publication that it’s a “blessing” to have found a job as a  male entertainer in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“I work at Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I’m a member of the Senate DJ group and I also help with Promotion,” he said. “I DJ at the club sometimes, but I find promotion is more rewarding both financially and emotionally. I like taking care of people and making others feel welcome.”

Gosselin, who was working as a cook at T.G.I.Friday’s last year, also shared that he’s a big part of the venue’s Men Untamed Revue Show.

“I’m an integral part of the show,” he explained. “Being part of something is a blessing. Since I joined Senate DJ I’ve felt like I belong to something and I’m not just out there on my own — I feel as if I’m part of a fraternity or brotherhood.”

With his official debut set for April 1, Gosselin added that there was “no way” he’d ever imagine becoming a stripper.

In 2016, Gosselin revealed thing with his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, was “bad” and he had not seen all eight of his kids together in over three years. According to him, he had become entirely estranged from his two eldest daughters, 16-year-old twins Madelyn and Cara.

“I haven’t seen all eight of my kids together probably in three years. Three to four years,” he told Entertainment Tonight, claiming 12-year-old son Collin, who is a part of a set of sextuplets, had even been sent away to a live-in facility. “The kids that I do get are Hannah, Leah, Joel and Aaden. I guess the four have stuck together and said, ‘We’re going to Daddy’s and that’s it.’ And maybe they’ll raise a stink about it or something like that. Sometimes I get Alexis but not often. Madelyn and Cara, I don’t see that much, or often. We’re kind of not talking right now.”

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