WATCH: Mischa Barton Discusses Feeling ‘Emotional Abuse’ in the Aftermath of Her Sex Tape Scandal

Mischa Barton sits down with Dr. Phil to discuss the distressing events in her private life that have recently been exploited.

The former O.C. actress addresses the sex tape involving her that was shopped around by an ex-boyfriend, which she calls “complete emotional blackmail.”

“It was a crime,” says Barton. It is a serious crime to tape people without their knowledge like that and I had made the mistake of putting myself in the situation with the person so I just removed myself as quickly as I could, and then it just continued to be complete emotional abuse after that for the last several, several months.”

She says that she learned of the sex tape’s existence when someone came up to her on the street and told her about it.

“[They] said there’s something I need to tell you and I didn’t believe it at first, I couldn’t believe, because I had loved this person and I didn’t think it was possible,” Barton tells Dr. Phil. “And I later learned it was entirely possible.”

Barton’s attorney Lisa Bloom previously stated that her legal team plans on prosecuting her boyfriend responsible for the “revenge pornography” under “every available civil and criminal law.”

Barton also spoke with Dr. Phil about the incident that occurred in late January when she was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after several neighbors called 911 to report that she was screaming nonsensical things over her back fence. It was later revealed that she was given GHB (the date rape drug) the night before while she was out with her friends.

“Before I blacked out and don’t remember anything, it was more auditory and visual—but more visual, like specks of light and stuff like that,” Barton explains to Dr. Phil. “There’s also blackout parts earlier in the night, and then I’ll remember my friend saying, ‘Please lay down and then it’ll be gone again.’ And the whole thing outside is just blackouts.”

Watch a clip from the episode at the top of the page and catch the whole thing when it airs on Monday, Apr. 3, 2017.