Mel B Says She Has Witnesses of Her Estranged Husband’s Alleged Abuse

Mel B (Melanie Brown) says many people in her life witnessed the physical injuries that she sustained as a result of her husband’s alleged abuse over the past decade, but none of them ever contacted the police.

Brown was granted a restraining order against her husband Stephen Belafonte on Monday (Apr. 3, 2017) after claiming that he beat her, choked her, and threw her to the ground on several occasions. In her declaration to court, she cited several more instances of abuse and exploitation, including a time in 2014 when she was forced to miss an X Factor taping because her severe injuries could not be covered up by theatrical makeup.

Now, TMZ reports:

Mel B says throughout the years, Belafonte would harass and intimidate her agents, producers and co-stars, and they complained to her he was “abusive and demanding,” and he was adversely affecting her business … but again, it appears authorities were not contacted.

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