Israel Moves Election Date for Britney Spears’ Concert

Britney Spears is one of the most powerful women in music. Don’t believe us? Just ask the people of Tel Aviv.

The upcoming Israel election has been postponed by a day due to the “Slumber Party” singer’s concert on July 3, CNN reports. Officials have decided it would be best to move the Israeli Labor Party’s primary election to the following day to avoid congestion in the city.

“We delayed the vote one day, to July 4. We couldn’t hire enough security for the election because of the Britney Spears concert on July 3. There would also be a lot of traffic and roadblocks that would make it hard for the vote to go ahead,” Labor Party spokesman Liron Zach told the news outlet. “We aren’t concerned about voters favoring Spears over the party. The two main concerns are security and traffic.”

This will be the first time Spears has performed in Israel. The show is a part of the Asia leg of her Britney: Live in Concert Tour, which is her first in more than five years.