Did Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad Cross a Legal Line with the San Francisco Police Department?

Pepsi’s disgraced ad featuring Kendall Jenner is now receiving legal heat from the San Francisco Police Department.

The ambiguous protest commercial, which was pulled out of circulation earlier in the week, has the SFPD wondering if the “police” costumes¬†worn by the actors unlawfully replicate the official emblems on their uniforms.

TMZ reports:

You see an emblem on the cop’s shirt sleeve with the words, “San Francisco Police.” There’s also an eagle spreading its wings … pretty much like the real SFPD uniforms except the color scheme is different.

Sources at the San Francisco PD tell us Pepsi never asked permission to mimic their uniforms. What’s more, the sources say they’re working with the City Attorney to determine if producers crossed the legal line by using the logo, which the City considers proprietary

See the photo evidence over on TMZ…